“Green Building” is more than a trend. The ideas embodied in the notion of green building are a path to a desirable future for all human activity.

Development and the building process are inherently a use of resources for the purpose of human shelter. With careful attention to what we build and how we build, it is possible to limit the demands for scarce resources and provide energy efficient buildings.

The single best approach to green building is to view a building as a “system” and to integrate the energy use in a unified approach. There are a multitude of specific ways to create a “systems” approach to a building project.

The LEED certification process is one of the best ways to insure a project uses energy efficiently over the life of the building.

From the initial design and orientation of a house to the mechanical systems for heating and cooling to the lighting and water use by the inhabitants, a great many details need to be properly implemented in the construction process. LED lights, hydronic heat, insulation detailing, directed air movement, solar cells, etc are examples of a “systems” approach.

We actively support the movement towards green building in our business model by recycling materials and selecting “sustainable” materials as much as possible. We also strive to be efficient in our business activities, thereby reducing costs and energy expenditures during the construction process.

While minimizing material use through efficient framing techniques, selecting energy efficient windows and doors and incorporating the uses of photovoltaic systems, radiant heat and “smart meter” systems in the design of future homes, we can provide for future generations in a sustainable model.

As builders and contractors, our intention is to build the “net zero” homes of the future. We look forward to new developments in a “Green Future”.westport builders logo copy