Our mission is to insure customer satisfaction within the construction process.

We usually work from a negotiated contract. We are not the "low bid" kind of contractor. We provide high quality workmanship at a fair cost with a reasonable profit. We enjoy the building process and strive to create an exceptional project with good detailing and proper management.

Most new construction projects are "lump sum" based on an extensive bid process. Nevertheless, the project can evolve or change significantly during the course of construction. Change Orders and Allowances provide mechanisms for flexibility during the course of construction.

Since most of our work comes from referrals, many projects we build are for repeat customers. For those who don’t know us already, our new clients will have had experience with building projects in the past. We rarely work for someone who has never “experienced” a construction project in the past.

At least half the projects we have built are on a time / materials basis, especially remodeling projects. We provide a "good faith" estimate and work diligently to stay within the cost parameters. For repeat customers, who know us and know how well we work, this method is the fairest approach to remodeling and restoration.

In these ways, our customer's interests are best served. From their initial dreams and wishes, our project has a truly successful outcome and we can all be proud of the building or remodeling a beautiful and practical home.

Our whole effort is to provide superior workmanship at a fair price.

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