Price Planning for Construction Costs:

Most construction in California is complicated by the fact that seismic engineering and planning requirements are substantial. The architectural costs include a variety of engineers and the permit itself can be expensive.

As a builder, we want to be on the team from the beginning of the project. We believe it is essential for a knowledgeable builder to be part of the design team’s lineup. For this reason, we advise that the owner select a contractor in the beginning and negotiate a contract upon the completion of the design phase.

When owners submit architectural plans to several builders for competitive bids, all too often the bids come back significantly over budget. It is not unusual to have bids come back at twice the original budget! This is a frustrating experience for everyone; builders, subcontractors, architects. For the owners, it can be an expensive disappointment.

The investment of time and money in the original drawings, as well as the redesign, and the additional time spent waiting out another bidding process, can be avoided.

Price Planning: With a building professional, who knows the cost estimating process in detail, you don’t have to worry about designing a project that you can’t afford or don’t want to pay for. The final design represents the best collaborative efforts of the homeowner, design professionals and the builder who ultimately will be responsible for the execution of the design.

Protect your investment in the design.
In a competitive bidding process, the low bidder typically underestimates the project's true scope of work in order to secure the job. This is a recipe for trouble later on. The quality of the workmanship expected from the design may suffer. When the criteria in the beginning of the project is all about cost, the criteria at the end of the project is all about quality workmanship and what it costs to remedy defects.

The fee for Price Planning can be used as a credit toward the construction contract. Since the cost to estimate is a portion of our overhead, we request payment for the work up front. The fee to estimate is usually based on the size of the project, the scope of work and the level of completeness of the plans.

Preferred Subcontractors & Suppliers:
As we assemble our construction team, we ask our preferred contractors and approved vendors to provide firm quotes. We provide cost feedback for value in the design and engineering. After an extensive bid process, you will receive a complete scope of work document, a line item breakdown of trade costs, a total lump sum cost for the work and a proposed schedule.
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