The biggest single problem area for residential construction is change.

Changes are common in residential construction.
After all, the “project” is a family’s home. Most people prefer to customize their living environment to suit their personal tastes. Over time, their tastes and requirements will change.

Let's face it; the reality for most projects is that the design may be incomplete or subject to change over the course of the project. Often, a “permit set” of drawings is the starting point. Specifications for hardware may not be decided or the project scope may be revised once the construction process has begun.

Given an experienced and knowledgeable builder, the questions regarding design and planning are the biggest variables in terms of construction cost. A lack of details or planning may force the builder to improvise and guess at costs during the bidding phase, leading to issues during the building phase.

Once construction begins, these "gray areas" begin to reveal themselves and present difficulties for builders, architects and owners alike. Sometimes the problems lead to disputes, which is a “worst case scenario” for all parties and for the project itself. Obviously, a dispute should be avoided at all costs.

The best way to avoid the problems that plague the construction industry is through Price Planning.
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